Cyber Shibas

Limited 5,000 unique avatar collection. The main part of gaming metaverse

Minting is live. 0.05 ETH per Shiba

Mint Cyber Shibas

Total minted: 0 / 5000

0.05 Eth + Gas fee
Max 20 Shibas per transaction

Please use Chrome/Firefox with metamask extension for PC or metamask app for mobile

CyberShiba Avatar

Your access pass to CyberShibas Metaverse

  • Only 5,000 will ever be created!
  • Every Shiba will be a part of CyberShibas Metaverse Play2Earn Game.
  • Every CyberShiba holder will have an exclusive early access to all community activities.
  • For every CyberShiba you hold you will receive a guaranteed allocation in the seed round of our TOKEN!

Immerse yourself in
the Shibas game world

Every shiba in the game's metaverse will be able to:

  • Capture planets and farm tokens
  • Buy and upgrade shibas to explore the shiba metaverse
  • Upgrade your shibas using equipment
  • Fight other shibas in Cyber Competitions
  • Take part in tournaments and receive a rewards in tokens
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// The story

Many centuries ago humanity has begun a program for the exploration of new planets. As the first experiments various animals such as monkeys, cats and rabbits were sent into the space. Some expeditions ended in success, some turned into a disastrous result. For the next flight to one of the most distant planets, a group of 10 Shiba Inu dogs was chosen which were distinguished by a special mind and good physical training. High hopes were put on this expedition, funding came from 23 leading countries. However on the 570th day of the flight a failure happened in the broadcasting system and communication with the space ship was lost forever. Over the next decades people tried to get in touch with the ship, but all attempts failed. Humanity continued developing and conquering new planets, gradually creating a republic at the head of which was the thirst for power and unlimited control over other extraterrestrial species. The entire top of the government was located on Earth, other planets were driven by the colonies. Many centuries later one of the human warships discovered strange biological activity on the planet B57-C, which is 50 light years from the Earth. No one could expect, not any military commander could expect what was recorded there. All this time a highly developed and technically advanced civilization, Shiba Inu, whose inventions and achievements were in many ways superior compared to the Earth technologies. The history of their people began with the crash of a pre-republican ship with 10 shibs which had to exlore a new planet. The broadcast system and side engine in their ship were damaged, but the AI continued to function and control the ship. The program calculated that there would be enough fuel for less than 600 days and chose the optimal planet for an emergency mission. Analyzing this outcome of events, the AI gave shibs a large dose of of vitamins which increased their physical and mental activity, subsequently gave strong mutations in the brain regions of dogs in next generations. Shibs experience gaining was incredibly fast with some highly developed beings appearing among them every decade. Soon after human-like posture, writing skills and the first technological developments appeared. Four centuries later this civilization was in many ways higher-developed compared to human species. Now the Shibas must defend their planet and the scientific achievements they have invented over the centuries from a warlike Earth republic. Each Shiba will be given a random set of high-tech clothing and defense items to defend their planet. The luckiest ones will get unique combinations of suits that will give Shiba a 100% advantage over the invaders.

Traits and species

Now the Shibas must defend their planet and the scientific advances they have developed over the centuries. Each Shiba will be given a random set of high-tech clothing and defense items in which they will defend their planet. The luckiest ones will get unique combinations of suits that will give Shiba a 100% advantage over the invaders.

We have a total of 150+ different variants of equipment and backgrounds in this collection so each shiba is a sight to see!

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The price of each Shiba NFT card is 0.05 Ether, they are distributed on the Ethereum network, and there is a total of 5000 cards.

// Roadmap


Start working on CyberShibas Metaverse NFT Game!


Start working at second collection in CyberShibas Metaverse


5 ETH Giveaway between CyberShibas Holders!


10 NFT Giveaway for Twitter followers.


10 NFT Giveaway for Discord users.


What is Cyber Shibas?

Randomly generated Shiba collectibles of various rarity living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. Shibas will become a part of NFT game metaverse soon!

How do I purchase CyberShibas?

CyberShibas will be available for purchase on our website through an initial drop.

When do CyberShibas launch?

The launch date is September 7th, more details coming soon.

How much will it cost to mint CyberShiba?

It will only cost 0.05 ETH to mint each of 5,000 CyberShibas available in the Metaverse!.

How many CyberShibas can I mint?

A maximum of 20 CyberShibas can be minted per transaction. You can, however, execute as many transactions as you like if you really want to be the life of the party.

Secondary Market Royalties?

We want to encourage trading and will set royalties at 2.5%.

To infinity and beyond!
I'll be back
may the shiba be with you